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*10/20 - Trunk or Treat 6-8pm
*Support Brookwood - Order Spirit Wear! 
(Printable Order Form here)
*11/29 BTSD Night at Philadelphia 76ers
*Fun Thursday - Check the schedule here

*KidStuff Books are still available for $25 - If you
are not interested, please return the book to school ASAP.

*The student day for the current school year
will begin at 9:20am and end at 3:45pm.

 Code of Conduct:
paw I am respectful.
paw I am responsible.
paw I am safe.
paw I am prepared.

We are here to learn, therefore I will:
-Respect myself, others, and the school environment.
-Cooperate with all school personnel.
-Allow the teachers to teach so that everyone, including myself, can learn.

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